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  • Guillotine

    Metal cutting on the guillotine is one of the types of mechanical metal processing.The main advantages of this type are: high cutting accuracy, high metal cutting speed, high cutting quality (cutting cleanliness, no burned edges) and minimal metal losses. Metal cutting with guillotine makes it possible to produce both longitudinal and transverse high-quality cutting of metals with a high level of accuracy. That is why it is effective both for small, single batches of sheet metal products, and for batch production. The maximum permissible length of the sheet is 2500 mm, the thickness - up to 4 mm.

  • Metal bending

    One of the services provided by our company is the bending of metal, which replaced welding and the demand for which is growing day by day. Welding seams are a vulnerable place where metal corrosion often takes place and the integrity of the metal product is disturbed. The bending of the sheet allows to obtain a monolithic construction of a seamless type. Bending is an operation, as a result of which the workpiece takes the required shape (configuration) and dimensions by stretching the outer layers of the metal and compressing the inner ones. The maximum length of the bend is 2500 mm, the thickness of the sheet is up to 4 mm.

  • Metal cutting

    Cutting is one of the main processes in any metalworking industry. That is why METAK company offers metal cutting on UZAY band saw in accordance with the requirements of customers. The UZAY band saw is designed for cutting solid blanks, round and rectangular pipes and beams (up to 600 mm in diameter). Cutting on UZAY allows you to optimize metal consumption by reducing the width of the cut, increase productivity and reduce the cost of consumed electricity. The advantage of this cutting is that the cutting surface does not need further processing due to the high precision and quality of the sawing.

  • Chemical analisys

    The company conducts chemical analysis of non-ferrous metals and steels on modern laboratory equipment "Spectrometer" manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific Switzerland. The software, the high requirements for achieving a clean sample surface with the use of Argon is 48˚ 99.998%, the time of obtaining the processing of the average statistical data is 50-60 seconds. ± 2%, the maximum deviations of the obtained data in comparison with the standard samples for the content:

    - Siliconium 0.017%
    - Iron 0.015%
    - Copper 0.005%
    - Marganza 0,005%
    - Magnesium 0.020%
    - Zinc 0.012%

    The delivery of the answer results with the recording on the computer allows you to serve the customer quickly, qualitatively, reliably at a high technical level.

  • Pipe bending

    Bending of pipes is necessary for the manufacture of staircases and other metal structures. METAK company has the equipment, which allows to bend pipes of various diameters at the minimum radius. The machine has the ability to bend pipes of round, square and rectangular sections with a diameter of 15 to 102 mm. Bending of pipes and profile rolled products is carried out at a given radius, which can reach 600 mm, without jams and scratches on the workpiece.

  • Construction services

    The construction team of the company "METAK" carries out construction and repair works of residential and administrative facilities - in parts and "turnkey". The brigade consists of professional masons, plumbers, painters, parquet floor workers and specialists of other profiles.

  • Powder coating and painting

    Powder painting services for metal structures in any RAL color scale using only the most famous and recommended paints. Due to its excellent technological, economic and aesthetic qualities, today powder coating rapidly replaces color with liquid paints. Among the advantages of powder paint: its resistance to chemical attack, to corrosive processes, temperature changes, impact resistance and durability of the coating. Our company controls the quality at every stage, from the process of preparing the products for painting to obtaining the finished coating. The maximum dimensions of the product to be painted: 1.00x2.00x4.00.

  • High frequency induction brazing

  • Sanding

  • Painting and coating

  • Analysis of plastic materials

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