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Common values

Our employees are our main asset. They guarantee the present and future success of METAK. In addition to common workplace, we are also keep united by the common corporate values, because we work for one common result. We understand that to improve the well-being of each of us, we need to ensure the success of our common business, which directly depends on the success of each employee. That is why we fully support success of each member of our team!

Corporate events

Face-to-face communication in the course of business is not the only thing that our friendly team enjoys. The thought-out organisation of leisure time is the main factor that ensures unity and cohesion between our employees. Regular corporate events help us get to know each other better and establish closer ties within the team. We support a healthy lifestyle. We care about the employees who enjoy sports. Therefore, we organise annual internal corporate soccer championships and tennis tournaments, as well as actively join various sports events (Baku Marathon, Boyz, etc.) and corporate tournaments in mini-football and other sports.


We pay special attention to the development of professional skills of our employees. To make this possible, we organise various trainings and seminars attended by local and guest instructors. New knowledge expands the boundaries of our capabilities and contributes to individual and team development. We always welcome employees who strive for perfection and actively develop themselves and others! We welcome initiatives and new ideas and do not hesitate to learn from our mistakes. To develop the potential of our employees, we share our own technology, knowledge and experience with them. This way our employees can contribute to the development of the company and better appreciate our customers.


Our values: Respect for human personalities, personal and corporate responsibility, satisfaction of our customers, whose tastes we trust completely. Thanks to our openness to initiatives and ability to take decisive actions, our professionals can easily take responsibility for their actions. This is why our company continues to achieve brilliant results in various fields.

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