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Metal processing

We provide various services on processing of metal products

Metal bending

Stretching the outer layer of metal and compressing its inner layer transforms the product to the required size and configuration

Metal bending is one of the services provided by our company. There is a growing demand for this type of service, which replaced the welding. The active process of metal corrosion on the welded seam breaks the integrity of metal products making the seams the weakest link. Bending metal sheets makes it possible to get monolithic seamless structures.

Metal bending

Metal cutting

METAK offers metal cutting services on UZAY bandsawing machine according to customer requirements

Metal cutting is one of the key processes at companies specialised in metal processing. That is why we offer this service on UZAY bandsawing machines upon customer requirements. UZAY machine is used for cutting monolithic structures, as well as cylindrical and rectangular tubes and bars up to Ø600 mm.

Thanks to narrower cutting widths on UZAY, it is possible to increase productivity by optimising metal consumption and reducing energy consumption. The key advantage of this cutting method is that due to the high precision and quality of the cut the surfaces do not need any additional processing.

Metal cutting

Guillotine processing

This method of metal cutting is known for high accuracy, speed and quality ensuring minimum metal loss

Key advantages: high precision, speed and high quality of cutting (non-burned, even and clean edges) with minimum loss of raw materials. Thanks to processing on guillotine it is possible to perform high-precision longitudinal and lateral quality cutting of metal products. That is why this method is effective both for small batches of metal products and for mass production. Maximum length of metal sheet: 2,500 mm; thickness: up to 4 mm.

Guillotine processing

Pipe bending

We can bend pipes of various diameters with a minimum radius

Pipe bending is required in the manufacture and installation of stair railings and other metal structures. Our equipment makes it possible to bend pipes of different diameters with a minimum radius (square and rectangular pipes with a diameter of 15-102 mm). We can bend pipes and profiles up to 600 mm in radius without leaving any dents or scratches on the finished product.

Pipe bending

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